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Innovation begins with knowing the problem we're trying to solve.


Clients approach Walkers to solve their most complex legal and operational problems, because innovation is who we are.

Since the success of our Synergy product (our in-house proprietary entity management platform) launched in 2015, clients have continued to ask us to develop customised technology to solve their business challenges.

WalkersTech is the dedicated innovation hub within Walkers. Our hub is supported by the WalkersTech Innovation Team with an R&D fund to drive the ongoing development of legal and operational technology solutions.

Our developers employ machine-learning and AI, among other technologies, to develop solutions that help clients be more efficient, unlock value, reduce cost, mitigate risk, and ensure quality – so clients can focus on strategic business matters.


WalkersTech offerings include:

Technology Solutions - to optimise repetitive work types.

Data Management - to support regulatory and compliance requirements.

KM and Precedent Solutions

Process Reengineering


In-house Legal Operations Consulting - helping configure on/offshore services to deliver optimised results, efficiency and cost savings for in-house legal teams.

Law Firm Consulting - we regularly partner with leading onshore law firms, and our solutions are of value to law firms seeking to better support corporate clients.

Walkers Professional Services - WPS leverages WalkersTech innovations to support global clients through a wide range of services.

WalkersTech develops solutions hand-in-hand with clients, and best-in-class global technology partners. Together we identify opportunities and gaps in the market and create the solution. This is the sole focus of WalkersTech.


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