Walkers Sponsors GAIM Ops Cayman 2018

Walkers will once again be a headline sponsor of the GAIM Ops Cayman conference. With over 550 Funds, Investors and Experts in attendance - GAIM Ops Cayman remains the key annual gathering for Ops and Compliance professionals.

As the host of the first day - Monday 23 April, Dorothy Scott will be chairing and opening the day. Ingrid Pierce will be moderating a panel discussion on "The Manager / Investor townhall - fees, customization and the future for alternatives". A description of the panel is as follows: "Addressing the most important industry headlines of the year. Focusing in 2018 on the adoption of new fees structures, customizing the fund for investors, and the trends that'll shape the industry moving forward."

For more information on the conference please see below: https://finance.knect365.com/gaim-ops-cayman/ 

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Lucy FrewPartnerT +1 345 814 4676lucy.frew@walkersglobal.com
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