Retrospective and Prospective Beddoe and Blessing Relief in the Cayman Islands

In this session the speakers will discuss the recent case of XYZ Trust and the steps a prudent trustee can take in order to protect itself when it unwittingly finds itself in the middle of a family dispute and being attacked from all sides in multiple jurisdictions. The speakers will explain how the trustee was able successfully to navigate its way through the dispute and obtain both retrospective and prospective Beddoe and blessing relief.

Date: Thursday 23 July 2020
Time: 4.00 pm BST

Registration is free and open to all

Shelley White, Partner, Walkers
Lucy Diggle, Senior Cousel, Walkers

Daisy Boulter, Associate, Walkers

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Lucy DigglePartnerT +1 345 914

Lucy DigglePartnerT +1 345 914
Shelley WhitePartnerT +1 345 914
Daisy BoulterSenior CounselT +1 345 914

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