Employment Law Conference

Walkers is delighted to invite you to attend our annual Employment Law conference entitled 'Equipping the Board: Using Employment Law Tools to Navigate Risks and Drive Success' which will take place online on 12-14 October 2021.  
The conference comprises a pre-recorded warm up session and three live webinars on consecutive days starting at 09:30 BST.
This conference will be led by Walkers' Guernsey and Jersey employment law specialists, along with members of the firm's employment law team in Ireland and regulatory team. Speakers will explore the topics set out below concluding with an interactive panel discussion.

Employment Law in the Channel Islands: Board Basics

This pre-recorded session will be of interest to executive directors, NEDs and officers who want to get an overview of the fundamentals of employment law in the Channel Islands. The 30 minute recording delivered by our Channel Islands Employment Law team provides a high-level view of the framework of employment law requirements and rights in Jersey and Guernsey.  It will be useful for attendees joining us for the rest of our Employment Law conference.

Good Governance: Employment Law and Successful Business Culture

This session will look at the interplay between corporate governance (including ESG) and employment law issues and risks, and why it is important to ensure that these issues are looked at holistically for a business to thrive. We will discuss issues such as workplace culture, employment law mechanisms for delivering change and maintaining team unity, the value of diversity and inclusion and how employment law can be harnessed to achieve both. All of the topics covered feed into good corporate governance and have been proven to help businesses to achieve their strategic aims and increase profitability.

Regulatory Expectations: the Board, Employees and the Regulator

The JFSC and GFSC have expectations as to the behaviour and competencies of staff in regulated financial services businesses. This session will look at personnel issues through a regulatory lens and will cover oversight, staff competency, personal conduct (at work and outside), when the regulator will be interested in staff issues, (including investigations, grievances and disciplinary proceedings), whistleblowing and the increasing issue of staff misusing information.  While this session is focused on regulated financial services businesses, there will be common points for other regulated businesses. 

Futureproofing Your Business: Key Employment Law Trends and Expected Legislative Changes for Your Board’s Agenda

This panel discussion will bring together Walkers' experts in the Channel Islands and beyond to discuss current employment law trends that will impact your business.  We will discuss why these employment issues deserve a place on all Boards' agendas to help drive the success, resilience and profitability of a business. In addition, we will discuss employment law changes on the horizon, and how best to prepare your business and mitigate legal risk and exposure. 


Registration is for the entire series of the above webinars so there is no need for multiple registrations. Please note that there is no charge for attending.

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