Residential Tenancies – Annual Registration Requirement

From 4 April 2022 there is a requirement for all landlords, approved housing bodies (AHB) and operators of student specific accommodation (SSA), to register residential tenancies, or licences in the case of the SSA, with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) on an annual basis. Registration can be made through an online portal on the RTB website or submitted by post. The RTB will send out annual reminders when each tenancy is up for renewal (where contact information is held) but it is the landlord's duty to ensure they are fully compliant. The hope with the introduction of this requirement is that the information collected by the RTB will enable it to better monitor, regulate and support the rental sector.

Registration Dates

All new tenancies or licences are required to be registered with the RTB within one month of the date the tenancy began. Thereafter registration will occur annually within one month of the anniversary of the date the tenancy began and continue for so long as the tenancy or licence exists. The same applies for existing tenancies or licences registered with the RTB, the annual registration date being the anniversary of the date the tenancy began.

There is a four month transition period ending on 3 August 2022 to assist landlords with the change to annual registration. Annual registration fees and late registration fees will apply with reduced fees available for AHBs. Full details can be found on the RTB website.

Updating Tenancy Information

Where there is a change in the rent amount, the landlord is required to notify the RTB within one month of the new rent taking affect. The landlord should also advise the RTB if any tenant details are changing where at least one of the original tenants remains at the property.

There is no fee when providing updates on condition that one of the original tenants is still a party to the tenancy. Where all of the tenants are changing, a new tenancy is created and a new registration application is required.