Fiduciary Services

WPS offers fully integrated and efficient fiduciary and administrative services to a broad range of structured and asset finance vehicles. As global regulatory requirements and investor-led demands have increased pressure on industry participants, our experienced independent directors, administrators and market leading technology allows WPS to provide incisive, responsive and dependable service of the highest quality to our clients, all within a competitive, predictable and transparent cost model.​

Our core services include:

  • Providing experienced, well-informed and financially sophisticated independent directors to SPVs of all kinds;
  • Acting as trustee on debt-issuance and other trusts undertaking financing and investment transactions;
  • Providing dynamic solutions to global regulatory issues affecting SPVs and clients who transact with them;
  • Acting as share trustee on “orphan” and off-balance sheet structures;
  • Assisting with meeting independence, separateness and other requirements applicable to structured and asset finance transactions;
  • Providing administration, record-keeping and registered office services through a team of skilled corporate services professionals;
  • Compliance with reporting and registration obligations affecting SPVs and clients who transact with them;
  • Administration of international registry filings for SPVs involved in aircraft finance transactions;
  • Providing interim and contingent execution solutions to bespoke transactions, including escrow services;
  • Providing independent pricing, conflicts support and other related services to asset manager clients;
  • Assisting clients with disposal of distressed or worthless assets and realisation of illiquid positions;
  • Facilitating the provision of a dedicated professional to serve as a US Partnership Representative;
  • Maintaining accounting books and records;
  • Preparing annual financial statements and interim management accounts under IFRS;
  • Calculating VAT liabilities and filing of related returns;
  • Ensuring entities are compliant with all local governmental and regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Provision of a dedicated professional to serve as the Partnership Representative for US domestic and foreign partnerships

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