Venture Capital Funds in Europe

Venture capital (VC) fundraising in Europe has returned to its highest level since before the financial crisis, with investors increasingly attracted to the fast-growing financial, information technology, biotechnology and healthcare sectors. During 2016, €6.4 billion ($5.6 billion) was raised by European venture capital funds - the highest since 2007 when they raised €7.7 billion and a jump from the €5.5 billion raised in 2015. Quarterly figures for 2017 suggest a similarly strong performance is expected this year.

Companies within the IT sector were the largest beneficiaries with €2 billion invested in 2016. Biotech and healthcare also received a combined €1.2 billion of new investment. Advancements in science and technology have meant an increasing number of companies offering credible investment opportunities, especially in big data, cyber security, digital healthcare and life sciences.

Success stories of venture capital firms investing in now globally recognised companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Shazam have also attracted investment from institutional investors. Despite more institutional investors now committing capital to Europe, a number are yet to get involved which suggests that there is scope for even greater growth in the near future.


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