Jersey Employment Law: Return to the Office – Anxiety, Discrimination and Reluctant Employees

As the number of Islanders vaccinated against Covid-19 increases and the number of people infected remains at a low figure, Jersey is progressing with its reconnection plan, which means that the restrictions on the workplace continue to reduce.

The most relevant recent change for employers is that the work from home guidance has been replaced, and is no longer the default position. This means that businesses can now start to plan to reintegrate their staff into WFO.

While the experience of employees will have differed in recent months based on their field of work and individual circumstances, there are a few areas in which everyone finds themselves in the same position. One of the areas that employers of all kinds will likely have to deal with is managing employees who are reluctant to return to the office because of anxiety-related issues – employers need to be careful in handling these individuals not just as a matter of good management and best practice, but also in terms of compliance with employment legislation.

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