Walkers' team attends Consensus 2023

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Representatives from our global FinTech, Regulatory and Private Capital Trusts team attended Consensus2023 by CoinDesk in Austin, Texas from 26-28 April 2023.

Consensus brings together leading developers, investors, founders, policymakers and brands to solve crypto challenges and discuss crypto solutions to major business and societal challenges using this transformative technology

As sponsors, our team of commercial problem solvers met other attendees to discuss the big issues and how investors, organisations and jurisdictions are navigating the world of FinTech.

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Natalie NetoPartnerT +1 441 242 1533natalie.neto@walkersglobal.com
Rachel NightingalePartnerT +1 441 242 1520rachel.nightingale@walkersglobal.com

Alex DrysdalePartnerT +1 284 852 2262 alex.drysdale@walkersglobal.com
Lucy FrewPartnerT +1 345 814 4676lucy.frew@walkersglobal.com

Lucy FrewPartnerT +1 345 814 4676lucy.frew@walkersglobal.com
Andrew HowarthPartnerT +1 345 814 4561andrew.howarth@walkersglobal.com
James GloverAssociateT +1 345 914 6321 james.glover@walkersglobal.com

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