We Talk Banking & Finance Podcast: Bonus Crypto Episode – Stablecoins with Jerome Rousselot of Jita Digital

Our latest podcast is a must for anyone interested in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. In this episode, partner Sara Hall from our London office talks to the CEO & Founder of JITA Digital Jerome Rousselot about the state of stablecoins.

Sara is one of a number of Walkers partners in London who have built a leading practice specialising in digital assets from a Cayman Islands, Bermuda and BVI law perspective. Sara advises on the regulation of digital asset businesses, token issuances, NFTs, AML/KYC, and financial services more broadly. She was speaking to Jerome as a bonus episode of Walkers' regular We Talk Banking & Finance podcast, which focuses on themes and trends in offshore finance.

You can listen to the episode below.

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