The first 100 days of Cayman Islands Limited Liability Companies

21 October 2016 marked 100 days since the introduction of the Cayman Islands Limited Liability Companies Law. Over 100 Cayman Islands LLCs have been registered within this first 100 days and we expect that this number will increase exponentially, as the market becomes more aware of their availability. Underpinning this demand is the concept that Cayman Islands LLCs operate in an almost identical way to their Delaware counterparts.

How are Cayman Islands LLCs being used?

We are seeing Cayman Islands LLCs used across our Investment Funds, Corporate, Finance and Restructuring practices. Cayman Islands LLCs have been used as joint venture vehicles, general partner entities and carried interest vehicles, holding companies or special purpose vehicles, investment management entities, for group restructuring purposes and even occasionally as fund vehicles.


First published on 20 October 2016, this article explores the Cayman Islands LLC.


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