Walkers Guernsey Hosts Successful Global Business Conference

Last week, Walkers Guernsey held a conference to consider how post-Brexit Crown Dependencies will overcome future business challenges as well as how to update its future positioning within international markets.

An impressive roster of 22 speakers presented to 100 attendees throughout the day. Walkers' lawyers from Guernsey, Jersey, Hong Kong and Dubai were joined by guest speakers from the States of Guernsey, the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, the Law Officers, Wilberforce Chambers, Trust Corporation, KPMG, Baker Mackenzie, XXIV Old Buildings, Kleinwort Hambros, Garm Consulting and Grant Thornton.

The event included a keynote speech from Dorey Financial founder Martyn Dorey, who asked delegates to consider upcoming significant technological and demographic changes and how Guernsey needs to position itself to stay current, relevant and commercial.

This though provoking start was followed by a panel session which saw Richard Walker (States of Guernsey), Fiona Crocker (GFSC) and Crown Advocate Frederic Raffray (Law officers of the Crown) provide the room with valuable insight into what the authorities will require and how businesses should position themselves in order to meet the regulatory and legal requirements of various jurisdictions.

The event progressed to inter active breakout sessions, which considered how best to do successful business in the Americas, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle and Far East. The focus was on the challenges that can be faced and how they can be overcome. Panels discussed issues from the take on of new business, through the maturing of the business relationship and finally completion.

Walker's partner and head of IDR Alison Ozanne, who chaired the event, said

"Guernsey is a transparent, well-regulated jurisdiction with high quality mature professional services on offer and whilst we as an IFC are already doing good business with the Americas, Africa, Eastern Europe and Middle and Far East, we need to equip ourselves with the necessary tools to remain a leading jurisdiction of choice on the global stage. The Channel Islands must continue to innovate and with Brexit on the horizon we considered it to be good timing to host an event on future challenges and how we can rise to meet them. It was encouraging to see so many local firms attend the event and the fantastic feedback we got was that it provided meaningful insights and food for thought."

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