Walkers to Host Equality Awareness Seminars With the States of Guernsey

The States of Guernsey's Committee for Employment and Social Security has recently launched three new educational initiatives relating to equality, inclusion and accessibility. The Committee launched the initiative in November 2018, inviting local charities, businesses and individuals to apply for grants to deliver training on the following four themes: Reasonable adjustment; What does disability mean?; Human rights & equality in Guernsey; and Discrimination in Guernsey.

Walkers Employment Team, Louise Hall, Sarah Ash and Victoria Pratt made four applications to The Committee to cover each topic, all of which were successful.

With The Committee supporting all four bids, Walkers have designed a four part seminar series, specifically designed for Employers starting on 21 March with the topic "Human Rights and Equality: Challenging the way we think as Employers".

Other successful applicants include the Equality Working Group and the Guernsey Society for Physically Disabled People.

Walkers' Senior Counsel Sarah Ash said, "I am delighted that our Employment team at Walkers has been successful in all four of our applications to run Employer focused training sessions for each of the awareness raising topics that the States of Guernsey has identified. As discrimination law extends in Guernsey to include disability, and the introduction of further protected characteristics will also be considered in the Autumn, it is going to be imperative that Employers are informed and prepared for what these changes will mean for their businesses. We are looking forward to delivering practical and interactive sessions for Employers to help them navigate the changes ahead effectively, without disruption to their businesses and in the most positive and constructive way for their employees."


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