Summer Intern Caitlin Hyland Shares Experience Working with Walkers Bermuda

This summer, 22-year-old Caitlin Hyland spent four weeks working alongside lawyers in the Walkers (Bermuda) office, where she benefited from the firm's extensive training and development programme. While she recently completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, Caitlin says she's shifting gears slightly and will be commencing her LLB this month at the University of York in England.

In this short interview, Caitlin shares a bit of her personal goals, future plans and her experience interning with Walkers over the summer:

Q: How have you given back to your community?

A: Community service has always been important to me. During the past few months at home in Bermuda, I have been volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity of Bermuda Restore whose proceeds are currently funding the Transformational Living Centre, a new purpose-designed housing shelter in Pembroke.

Throughout university I also volunteered at ArtStarts in Schools, a charitable organisation in British Columbia, Canada. ArtStarts’ goal is to facilitate collaboration between artists and teachers to expand the role of art in education throughout the province. They achieve this through a variety of initiatives such as providing grants to schools and districts throughout the province, organising professional learning opportunities for teachers and artists and hosting gallery exhibitions for young people's art.

Q: Why did you choose to study law?

A: I have actually been asked this question often because my first degree was in Art History and at first glance the connection between the two is not immediately apparent. However from my perspective Art History is a complex interdisciplinary subject that involves difficult questions about the socio-political frameworks that govern our lives.

The law is involved in the same interdisciplinary, fundamental issues but considers them in a more pragmatic context. So for me, studying law seems like a natural evolution of interests and an opportunity to make a positive impact.

Q: Do you think your internship with Walkers has supported your university/career goals?

A: Walkers has absolutely supported my university and career goals. For someone just beginning their legal training, the opportunity to gain practical experience at Walkers is invaluable. I have really enjoyed my time here and have learnt a great deal during my four weeks about how a law firm operates.

Just as important is the open office culture and the relationships I have made. Everyone has been very friendly and approachable and they have gone out of their way to get to know me and to help me. I leave with the knowledge that there are people to whom I can reach out in the future.

Q: What have you learned during your internship?

A: I think my most important takeaway from this internship is an understanding of how multi-faceted and diverse the issues are that a law firm can cover in a single day. Lawyers make an important impact in society in so many ways and I’m hoping I can make a similar contribution.

I also learned how important every member of the team is to the legal process. Lawyers are obviously a critical part of a law firm but the administrative staff provide essential support that enable the lawyers to be effective and productive.
And lastly, not to be afraid to reach out and ask questions; there are so many knowledgeable experts here and there really is no such thing as a stupid question.

Caitlin is one of four young adults who had the opportunity to intern with Walkers in Bermuda over the summer. She is joined by Walkers Legal Scholarship recipients McKenzie-Kohl Tuckett and Ryley Tannock, as well as fellow intern Padraic O'Shaughnessy, all of whom we will be interviewing in our newly introduced Walkers Apprentice Interview Series.

For more information on the Walkers Bermuda Pupillage Programme, legal scholarships and internship opportunities, click here.

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