Ryley Tannock Sets Eyes on Career in Law with Help of Walkers Bermuda

Ryley Tannock, one of two recipients of the Walkers Bermuda Legal Scholarship Programme, has been actively pursuing a career in law for the last five years. He currently holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology and Psychology from Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and previously completed an apprenticeship programme with the Department of Public Prosecutions where he shadowed various Crown Counsel and provided aid in case and trial development. He has also interned with the Cabinet Office, supporting the development of policy and strategy initiatives; and was a key member of the Criminology Society while studying at university.

He and three other young Bermudians recently wrapped up their summer internship with Walkers, but before he left to begin his GDL studies at the University of Law in Birmingham, we caught up with him to discuss what he gained from his four-week stint with the firm.

Q: Why did you choose to intern with Walkers?

A: In conjunction with the bursary I received from Walkers (Bermuda), I was also offered the opportunity to intern at the firm. I immediately knew I would accept the internship. As I start the journey of becoming a lawyer I know it's good to get experience; I knew I would be exposed to new practice areas of law that I had no experience, and little knowledge or understanding.

Walkers is a relatively young legal practice firm [in Bermuda], having only opened in 2016. Although new to the island, Walkers has shown itself to be growing rather quickly. In my view it's best to jump onto the fast-moving ship early and connect as other great opportunities may lie ahead.

Q: What skills do you feel you've bought to the team?

A: My educational background thus far has been in the arts, largely sociological and psychological. I have an understanding of people, communities, classes and the interactions and relations of all of these outside of a business lens. I feel that I bring this knowledge to the team enabling a difference perspective.

Q: How is your internship relevant to your coursework?

A: As I embark on the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) I will be taking seven mandatory core law classes of varying topic areas; I have already seen elements of three of the classes within my internship at Walkers.

During my time in the Insolvency & Dispute Resolution team I had the opportunity to work on an arbitration hearing in which an employee of a company suffered injuries at his place of employment and was making claim that his employer should foot the bill of his medical expenses. This matter touched on elements of Tort law but also encompassed some Contract Law, both of which I will be studying.

Also, while I was working with the Corporate, Funds, Finance and Insurance team, I was introduced to a work matter relating to trusts, which complements another class I will be taking: Equity and Trusts.

Ryley and McKenzie-Kohl Tuckett both successfully secured a bursary from Walkers (Bermuda) LLP this year and were given summer internship opportunities with the firm. They, and additional summer interns Caitlin Hyland and Padraic O'Shaughnessy, will document their training experience with Walkers in our Walkers Apprentice Interview Series.

For more information on the Walkers Bermuda Pupillage Programme, legal scholarships and internship opportunities, click here.

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