CISE to TISE | The Channel Islands Securities Exchange Rebrands

The Channel Islands Securities Exchange has resolved to change its name to "The International Stock Exchange" ("TISE").

From Monday 6 March 2017, it will trade as The International Stock Exchange Authority. However, this is initially for branding purposes only, and there will be no immediate change to the Listing and Membership Rules or the application procedure.

The listing authority itself, currently known as The Channel Islands Securities Exchange Authority Limited, intends to change its name formally to The International Stock Exchange Authority Limited once relevant legislation has been approved and passed. This is anticipated on Wednesday 27 April 2017.

How will this affect the listing application process and/or the Listing Rules?

There will be no immediate change to the Listing Rules or existing application procedures.

Only after 27 April 2017, when the name changes formally, will this be reflected in appropriate updates to the Listing Rules. However, the exchange has confirmed that there will be a transition period, during which it will be accommodating applications made under the former name. This will assist issuers and sponsors who have already drafted suites of documents and/or are already preparing for listing.

As part of the changes to the Listing Rules, "the Exchange" will be redefined as ‘the investment exchange operated by The International Stock Exchange Authority Limited ("TISEA"), also known as ‘The International Stock Exchange’, ‘TISE’ or any previous or successor name of the Exchange.’ This is intended to assist in the transition period and also to confirm that the exchange will be known as ‘The International Stock Exchange’ or ‘TISE’.

Walkers Listing Sponsor Services

The Walkers listings team has extensive experience providing listing agent services in connection with listings on the CISE. Walkers Capital Markets Ltd (“WCML”) is a Category 1, 2 and 3 sponsor of the exchange which means that we are able to act as a sponsor for all listing purposes. We have particular experience in listing Eurobonds and High Yield Bonds (specialist debt securities). We also act as listing sponsor to investment vehicles pursuing a wide variety of investment strategies.

Further Information

A link to the announcements made by the exchange can be found through the main website

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