(Cayman) CSX - Guide to Listing Equity Securities

Over the last 40 years the Cayman Islands has matured into one of the world's largest international financial centres, providing institutionally-focused, specialised services to a global client base. The Cayman Islands' competitive strength
in global financial services lies in its ability to provide an effective and cost-efficient tax neutral platform for international capital flows in an environment of economic and political stability.

Since 1997, the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange ("CSX") has provided a specialised listing and trading facility for the specialist products of the Cayman Islands financial industry.

On March 2013 the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange went live on the Deutsche Boerse's XETRA® trading platform. In April 2013 the CSX published new listing rules to facilitate listings by start-ups, mineral companies and specialist companies for sophisticated investors. By acquiring XETRA technology and launching rules targeting equity listings the CSX offers an alternative international venue for listing and trading the shares of growth and specialist companies.

The CSX's listing rules are sophisticated and designed to contemplate innovative structures, combining reasonable and appropriate disclosure requirements with the flexibility necessary for the specialised instruments that list on the CSX.
The listing rules have been drafted and procedures implemented to ensure that the CSX meets all international regulatory standards while ensuring that listing and continuing obligation requirements are appropriate for the sophistication of the investor pool. The objective is for listing on the CSX to be a straightforward and speedy process.

This guide contains a summary of the main requirements for the admission of equity securities of issuing companies listing on the CSX. 

It is recognised that this guide will not completely answer detailed questions which clients and their advisers may have. It is intended to provide a sketch of the subject matter covered. This guide is therefore designed as a starting point for
a more detailed and comprehensive discussion of the issues. Particular circumstances or transactions should be the subject of specific legal advice given on the relevant facts at the relevant time. 

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